Brew something new this weekend

Brew something new this weekend

Treat yourself to Headline Coffee, the subscription service that brings a new, Fairtrade certified coffee to your door each month.


Headline Coffee Subscription

Headline Coffee is the best way for coffee-lovers to discover the best beans the world has to offer. Here's how it works:

  • Our team searches the world for high-quality Fairtrade certified coffee, sourcing it right from the producer.
  • We curate a new coffee every month, so subscribers are always discovering new regions and flavours.
  • The beans are roasted fresh here in Toronto, and shipped right to your door at the beginning of every month.
  • Included in each delivery is the story behind your coffee, and tips and tricks for making the most out of your roast.
  • We'll keep you in the loop via social media and email so you'll always know what's landing on your doorstop next.
  • No risk - cancel anytime.
Country picture for March's Coffee coffee

March's Coffee

Guatemalan Fedecocagua
The mountainous Central American country of Guatemala produces some of the finest and most distinctive coffees in the world. The beans, handpicked from steep, volcanic slopes, are washed and patio-dried in open air. Those high altitudes and rich, volcanic-infused soil help create a smooth tasting blend with deep chocolate notes and faint hint of smokiness. The Guatemala Fedecocagua has a low to average acidity, and leaves a pleasant trace of vanilla in its after-taste.
March's Coffee
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Coffee for the month of April

Nicaraguan image

How it Works

What's brewing in the world of coffee

1. Discover

We scour the globe to find amazing coffee from trusted, fair trade producers so you can discover an exciting new taste each month.

2. Receive

340 g of Headline Coffee is delivered to your door once a month, freshly roasted and ready to enjoy. And, we’ll always make sure you know what’s coming up next.

3. Savour

Each shipment comes with tasting notes, brewing guides and producer profiles to help you get the most out of every cup.

Coffee Lovers Love Us

Fine roasted coffee is a morning treat. Getting a new variety of bean delivered to my door every month is a bonus.
I’m enjoying the coffee. Right now, in fact! It’s rare that I find a drip coffee that I enjoy drinking black, but this one needs no cream or sugar :)
Freshly roasted and delicious coffee is a staple of my morning. A new selection every month will help to broaden my coffee appreciation.