Nicaraguan Reyna del Cafe

Featured Coffee of the Month (Gift)


Nicaraguan Reyna del Cafe

Featured Coffee of the Month (Gift)


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Give the gift of Headline Coffee, the subscription service that brings a new, Fairtrade certified coffee to their door each month.

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Nicaraguan coffee has been on the rise in recent years – and with good reason. It’s incredibly flavourful. This particular bean is grown at an altitude between 1,450 and 1,600 metres above sea level in the northern Nicaragua in the department of Madriz, which is recognized for having a unique microclimate. Higher elevations and cool, dry weather allow the coffee to mature slowly, creating a complex flavor profile unlike any other in the country. It is characterized by a well-balanced taste with sweet caramel and butterscotch notes, a silky smooth body and clean, citrus acidity.

How it Works

What's brewing in the world of coffee

1. Discover

We scour the globe to find amazing coffee from trusted, fair trade producers so you can discover an exciting new taste each month.

2. Receive

340 g of Headline Coffee is delivered to your door once a month, freshly roasted and ready to enjoy. And, we’ll always make sure you know what’s coming up next.

3. Savour

Each shipment comes with tasting notes, brewing guides and producer profiles to help you get the most out of every cup.